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Philippe De Jonckheere's main site.
Another site realised by Philippe De Jonckheere
Download Barbara Crane's wallpaper.
Philippe De Jonckheere's main site.
A very good yearly magazine on Marcel Duchamp to which I am proud to collaborate.
This site features a color encyclopedia as well as a remarkable software to generate exact hexadecimal codes for ANY color.
Text ressources on Barbara Crane.
"How does it works", a word from your webmaster.
Listen to some John Cage music in lowfi (streaming) to accompany your visit, it is randomly chosen of course.
The file cabinet.
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Drop a word to Barbara Crane. Drop a word to Barbara Crane.
"Anne" by Philippe De Jonckheere.

"This was before Photoshop ever existed."


Whatever Barbara picks up in the bin.
listen to a short tape of the interior of Notre Dame de Ronchamp (in streaming)
The files.
Chicago Beaches and Parks. "Chromospheres". "Coloma Hairballs." "Coloma Nests" "Coloma Sticks." "From Coloma to Covert." "Coloma wipeouts" "Combines" "Commuters discourse" Back to the main file. "Fleshy fungi" Grids. "Human forms". "Machine scenes". John Cage's random Juke-box. "Natures mortes" "Neon people" "Objets trouvés" "On the fence" "People from North Portal" "Petites choses" Phil's stuff "Pot pourri." Random business in Java. "Repeats" "Sand findings." "Schisms" "Solar flares." "Taste of Chicago" Textual ressources. "Urban anomalies" "Visions of Enarc". "Wipe out" "Wrightsville Beach"