Philippe De Jonckheere, Wound-healing, photocopies, Chicago, 1989.

... ( ... ) ... Barbara told me that, one day, during a class she was giving in a darkroom, one of the students hurt herself, and as a result got a nasty cut on her face ( caused by the edge of a shelf, if I remember well). Emergency people were called and arrived promptly, and as they were about to drive the student to the nearest emergency room, Barbara dismissed the class wanting to go with her young student to ensure that her wound would be well taken care of and seen by a plastic surgeon. She did well with that, it was a plastic surgeon who did the job and a very good one too.
When she was in the emergency room, conforting her student and making sure that everything that could be done was being done, she realized suddenly that this situation was more interesting to her than the teaching of her class. This was the year when Barbara decided to retire from teaching.
I feel fortunate to have known Barbara when she was still a teacher.
I feel very fortunate that Barbara is now a friend, and I sometimes benefit from her teaching .
I feel extremly fortunate that Barbara has trusted me with the conception and the realization of her website, something that she has given me total freedom to do, making sure throughout the entire process that I would have access to everything I needed. I am deeply indebted to my teacher and dear friend.

Philippe De Jonckheere.
December 2002