How does it work? ( a word from the webmaster )

Building a website that encompasses the vast and multifaced work of Barbara Crane is in fact quite a challenge. The first difficulty lies obviously in the phenomenal body of work that Barbara has produced over the years. Then the usual method that consists in building a template in which most pages can more or less easily fall, does not apply here, as one is immediately confronted by pictures of all sorts of formats and shapes. The list of challenges goes on. Not to mention that by the time you have built a draft to present to Barbara, on her side she has produced two to three new series of photographs, for which you need to make some room, and her ideas about the site have evolved along the way as well.

Your best option is to keep things simple. Three major features of Barbara's work have been emphasized here. Barbara works by series which illustrate a concept at work, the images themselves being of a lesser importance. For this reason all the pages of this site give the opportunity to the visitor to see different images from the same series. This is done by clicking on the different parts of smaller multiple pictures, such as this one:

At times, links will open new windows: these are tunnels that invite you to a different navigation through a series of images. By clicking on the last page of each tunnel you should go back to the page you were looking at first.

Then, one of Barbara's utmost concerns are shapes and forms, and the ones that have already been produced by her can often become the source material for new series in which a different concept is at work. To illustrate this, all the images which are presented on this site are clickable and lead the visitor to images from a different series, which yet have shapes and forms in common. Exemple:

Last but not least, Barbara has always greatly trusted chance, which has consistantly been used as a way of finding out what the mind has trouble imagining. When the page displays a grid such as the image below, clicking on any part of it will randomly determine what the next page will be.

Moreover, if you would like to accompany your visit of the site with some music by John Cage, you can do so by clicking here ( for lowfi, streaming sound playing, recommended if your connection is a bit slow, for this you will need a Quicktime reader) or here (for hifi, mp3, if your connection is fast enough, for that you will need a .mp3 reader)

Finally the lady at the bottom of the page is your friend, and will always be swift in leading you back to where you came from at the first place, in the likely event of you losing your way through this maze. And if everything fails, you can always resort to the file cabinet and click here:

Philippe De Jonckheere. (

I would like to thank the following people for helping me in the realisation of this site: Anne Verley, Laurence and Jacques Murphy, Vanessa Galligan, and Le Lièvre de Mars.

Merci beaucoup, Philippe De Jonckheere

From the same series. From the same series. From the same series. From the same series.