Chicago Loop series

These large and small photographs were made with a 5”x7” view camera. They are an outgrowth of my work for the Chicago Epic mural. While photographing for that skyline project, I became increasingly sensitive to the miraculous relationships in juxtaposed sections of old and new buildings. I was entranced by the random layers of textures, tones and planes, all adding up to an explosion of visual excitement only comprehended when I had time to look carefully and was not rushing by car, bus or train on the way to some appointment in or around the Chicago Loop.

Barbara Crane, 1978


Fleshy Fungi

On the usage of Polaroid

Human forms

On Natures mortes

Taste of Chicago

Visions of Enarc II

Coloma to Covert Sticks


Coloma to Covert scrolls

Murals for Baxter / Travenol Labs

Wipe Outs


Download  Barbara's statements about her work in a pdf format.