Coloma to Covert scrolls

The Coloma to Covert Scrolls reflect my longtime interest in Asian art, but specificly scrolls., horizontal and vertical as well as long and short in size. Some of my scrolls are comprised of Poloroid transfers, while others are made from multiple 8” x 10” negatives contact printed on rolls of paper. I print these myself with the aid of an assistant as the process is both cumbersome and physically demanding. As today’s world continues to become more high-tech, I find my primitive, slow, and nearly archaic method of production suits the meditative tone of these images.

I have always found inspiration in the formal and sequential elements present in Chinese and Japanese painting. My scrolls, in their rhythmic, also reflect my interest in Haiku poetry. There is a stringent paring down found in both these forms which is a discipline I have endeavored to incorporate in my own work.

Over the years I have manipulated particular formal issues with various processes. This has enabled me to explore an idea utilizing different subject matters and techniques to see how the emotional and physical quality of the image changes. The underlying concepts remain constant, as depicted in the silver gelatin prints and the Polaroid transfer scrolls in the Coloma to Covert series.

Barbara Crane, 1995


Fleshy Fungi

On the usage of Polaroid

Human forms

On Natures mortes

Taste of Chicago

Visions of Enarc II

Coloma to Covert Sticks


Chicago Loop series

Murals for Baxter / Travenol Labs

Wipe Outs


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