How does it work, a word from your webmaster

On this page, I the webmaster explain how the site was designed and what particular features of Barbara Crane’s work have been made public either in exhibitions or publications. To illustrate this text I offer some examples. I am going to explain how these illustrations work.


The image at the top of this new window is active and links to my personal site, choosing from it a page with an image with a similar subject matter: punch cards. You might see this as a signature or a private joke.

For a more comprehensive visit to my site (warning this site is in french only, but there are a lot of images)


Another example is given from the Petites Choses series on how a sequence of repeated images is often used in the site to navigate and reach different images from the same series. To click on the different parts of the sequence will actually make different images from the Petites Choses series appear and disappear.


Just after that, there is an illustration about how some links will open new windows in a different size and how these function as tunnels in which you simply navigate by clicking on the images which will guide you through the entire series. Clicking on the last image of the sequence or strip will close down this new window.


Machine Scenes series is an active link and lets you see, in a new window that will automaticaly pop up, an image from the Still Lifes: Natures Mortes series. This illustrates how you can navigate on the site by clicking on the images. To exit this new window, just click anywhere on your screen.


When you are shown how grids, which are an important feature of Barbara Crane’s work, are meant to lead you to a different page randomly chosen from all the pages of the site. These grids enable you to enter a new sequence of investigation in your exploration of Barbara Crane’s work.

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You can also, if you wish, accompany your visit of the site by listening to John Cage's music.

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Finally you are given the opportunity to go to the file cabinet to look for a specific part of the site or for general information.

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"How does it works", a word from your webmaster. From the same series. From the same series. From the same series. From the same series. From the same series.