Philippe De Jonckheere, Sac à papier!, mobile done with photograms, silver gelatin prints, Paris, 1997.

... ( ... ) ... I once had an exhibition in Paris, in which I deliberately chose to show new work, mostly things that no one had seen before, not even close friends.
At the opening the reactions were unexpected.
A lot of people left early.
A few of the people who left early came to me to tell me that they thought what I had done was the worst that they had seen of me in years.
Fewer people came to me and stated that they weren't sure about these pictures, that they didn't know what to think about them and we talked often times to their benefit ( by this I meant that they were less angry with the pictures afterwards, a friend even said that she starded to like the pictures).
A gallery owner swung by, and stated, looking at the price-list ( the first thing that she looked at ), that the prices were not high enough.
Barbara, who happened to be in Paris on that evening, came to the opening which was quite a surprise.
Finally my father came to me and said that just as usual, he didn't "understand" anything but Barbara had told him that the work was really good so he was pleased and complimented me.
It was the best exhibit I've ever had.

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