The file cabinet.

The file cabinet is an important feature of the site. It gives you the opportunity to look for something specific, which otherwise would be achieved either by chance or with great difficulty. The file cabinet presents itself as a computer desktop (running on the Windows program), in which a simple click is all that's needed. Basically, you can access anything that you see on the desktop, and the folder explorers will open (with a simple click, remember). The desktop you are actually looking at was mine at the time I was working on Barbara Crane's site (which explains why a few things appear in French. Don't be deterred by this. All you need to know is that "Précédente" means "Back." As for the rest, it will be like being in a French restaurant. Just pretend you understand everything that is written on the menu, and off you go)


Once you have toyed a bit with the desktop icons, you can actually put the file cabinet to good use. A simple click on the folder entitled "barbara_crane" will make a new list of folders and files appear. Clicking on any of the folders will make its contents available to you. Please note that two files appear at this stage: the "index.html" file, which by clicking on, allows you to go back to the home page; and the "map.htm" page, which enables you to see the map of this site.

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In case you accidentally click on the "Close" button of a window and end up with an empty desktop, you can go back to the files and folders by clicking on the "Mes Documents" icon ("My Documents," see below), which will bring you back to the "barbara_crane" folder's content. Or you can use the Back button of your internet browser, and this should lead you back to where you were. (If it doesn't work, I am sorry. But there is only so much I can do in terms in programming this fake business of files and folders).



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Open the file cabinet. To go the files and folders.