This is Barbara Crane's website, and this part is the tutorial that should help you navigate through the site flawlessly (even if you are not used to visiting a website).

On this page please note that there are screen copies on the left and text on the right. The screen copies are active, which means that clicking on them will take you to the actual page of the site that is represented. (In a new window, once you have taken a look at it and would like to go back to the tutorial, simply close the window.) In the text, you will see that certain words appear in bold characters. These are links. If you click on them, that will take you to a page where the topic is explained further more. At all times, during the browsing of this tutorial, you can go back to the previous page by clicking on the back button of your browser, or the link that says "Back" at the bottom of the page. The purpose of this tutorial is to guide you in such a way that you need not return to it, after you have visited Barbara Crane's web site a few times. In the meantime we wish you a pleasant visit. Remarks can be sent to Philippe De Jonckheere, the webmaster.


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This is the "index page", the first page, by which you arrived here. Both images of this dyptich are active, which means that if you click on either one of them, it will take you to a different page (see below).


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On the index page, if you have clicked on the image on the left, it has taken you to a page featuring a combination photograph entitled Tar Findings. If you have chosen to click on the image on the right, it has taken you to page with a photograph entitled Cosmic Forms. These two pages have the same features, which is that every single cell of the image is active and clickable and will lead you to the different series of photographs that Barbara Crane has produced over the years.

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The file cabinet. This is an important feature of the site. It gives you the opportunity to look for a specific series of images from Barbara Crane or written information. These are reachable by searching through the folders and the files that actually comprise this site. In a way, it is as if you were going through the hard drive of the webmaster's computer (which explains why some indications are in French. Don't be deterred by this. Just act as if it were your own computer)

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Most pages of the site share the same general design. They feature one image and its caption. (Please note that the dimensions are given in inches. If you wish to convert them into centimeters, you have to multiply the numbers by 2,54). These images always belong to a larger series. You can see more images from this series by clicking on one of the small cells of the combination picture next to the main image. If you would like to completely come out of where you are, the lady coming out of a door is your friend. Click on her image and that will take you to the Tar Findings or the Cosmic Forms pages, from which you will be able to take a different route. Please also note that all the main images are also active. Click on them and that will take you to images belonging to a different series.



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