Murals for Baxter/ Travenol Labs

These photographic murals, created during 1975 and early 1976, were commissioned by Baxter/Travenol Labratories for their corporate headquarters building in Deerfield, Illinois.

Those exhibited here both as 16x20 inch prints and shown on the walls in the small prints were installed throughout the building as murals 8x8 feet or 7x9 feet in size. There are twenty-six different murals, eighteen of which were to be of Baxter/Travenol products and activities and the remaining pieces subject of my own choice.

These large photomurals are to be seen from up close, where extreme enlargement would involve esthetic difficulties with textures and grain, so I devised a modular system of lively variations, somewhat based on proofsheets, using multiple smaller enlargements to decorate a large surface.

Barbara Crane, 1978


Fleshy Fungi

On the usage of Polaroid

Human forms

On Natures mortes

Taste of Chicago

Visions of Enarc II

Coloma to Covert Sticks


Coloma to Covert scrolls

Chicago Loop series

Wipe Outs


Download  Barbara's statements about her work in a pdf format.