Coloma to Covert Sticks

My intention with this body of work is to convey unadorned simplicity. Divorced from their natural environment, floating in blackness, these sticks are studies in severity striving for Zen-like balance. The photographs attempt to capture the essence of each stick: to examine its form, skin, and the space it occupies. They beg the viewer to scrutinize the details. By utilizing even lighting, a stark and clinical aspect is imparted to these pictures. This, in turn, is meant to stoically operate on the emotions of the viewer while the narrow format deliberately emphasizes the linear nature of each stick. In looking closely at these restrained images, the viewer is allowed to see the distinct and individual temperaments emerge: voluptuous, virile, withdrawn, playful, tense, sensuous, lyrical.

Barbara Crane, October 1999


Fleshy Fungi

On the usage of Polaroid

Human forms

On Natures mortes

Taste of Chicago

Visions of Enarc II


Coloma to Covert scrolls

Chicago Loop series

Murals for Baxter / Travenol Labs

Wipe Outs


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