Visions of Enarc II

I have made these pictures by printing Polachrome 35 mm slides on Polacolor 2 print material. The print (at an early stage in its development) is then transferred to 100% rag paper. I have altered the colors in the pictures to emphasize a particular feeling or desired impact. Each picture becomes unique both due to the unpredictability of the process and my individualized application of color.

The imagery reveals a natural world that I have twisted, thereby producing an alternative world simultaneously surreal, ominous, and romantic. My aim is to transcend mere replication by approaching my subject in a visually and tonally aggressive manner.

Barbara Crane, 1993


Fleshy Fungi

On the usage of Polaroid

Human forms

On Natures mortes

Taste of Chicago

Coloma to Covert Sticks


Coloma to Covert scrolls

Chicago Loop series

Murals for Baxter / Travenol Labs

Wipe Outs


Download  Barbara's statements about her work in a pdf format.